Places/institution available within 100Kms for study tour

In the district of Bargarh a large of Siva Temple were built during the Chauhan rule of undivided Sambalpur The most important among them were those of the AstaSambhu or 8 Siva Temples such as 1BimaleswarTemple at HumaSambalpur 2KedarnathTemple at AmbabhonaBargarh 3BaidyanathTemple at DeogaonBargarh 4BalunkeswarTemple at GaisamaBargarh 5MandhataBabaTemple at ManeswarSambalpur 6SwapneswarTemple at SornaBargarh 7VisweswarTemple at SorandaBargarh and 8NilakantheswarTemple at NiljiBargarh.
Nrusinghnath is situated at a distance of 110 Kms from Bargarh Being a lone pilgrim spot it has been appealing the minds of lakhs of people with magical glitters for the last so many centuries This is the Dawning place of the mention Lard Nrushinghnath the presiding Deity of the sacred mount GANDHAMARDAN endearing multitude of memories surprisingly amalgamating the legends of the Ramayan the Mahabharat the Budhist Era.