KV Bargarh works in bi-lingual i.e, in Hindi and English. Hindi Saptah, Pakhwada, and maah(month)  is celebrated to work completely in Hindi.



Hindi Diwas  is celebrated every year on 14th September to pay tribute to the official language of India as Hindi was adopted as the official language of constituent assembly on September 14, 1949. The constitution of India adopted Hindi in Devnagri Script as the official language of the union under article 343 in 1950. Hindi diwas was celebrated in many schools and colleges of our country. Students recited poems, read papers, performed different activities to show the importance of Hindi.

In our school we celebrate this occasion with full enthusiasm and patriotic feeling. In our school it last for several days starting from 14 sep. To 10th Oct. In these days different sorts of programme were conducted to show the rich varieties and culture of Hindi. On the first day Mr. Biswakarma was invited as the chief speaker  for this occasion. He encouraged the students with his beautiful words and spoke about how to make Hindi as the Nation Language. In between these days students spoke about the richness of Hindi through their poems, speeches and also with role plays. Students from different groups participated actively. Even teachers also encouraged the students to develop Hindi as National Language with their words. In between this days different types of competition were organised  and winners were awarded prizes by the guest on the closing ceremony of Hindi Pakhwada.

On 10th October this celebration came to an end. All the prize winners were awarded. On this auspicious occasion esteem principal Mr. N.K. SONI presided over the meeting. Discussion were made to encourage the students and for their greater participation to glorify the ‘Raaj Bhasa’ as Rastra Bhasa. Mr. V. K . Tiwari gave vote of thanks to every everyone. And in this way we celebrated the Hindi pakhwada.